How Arcade engagement increased activation likelihood by 30% for Chameleon

Learn how Chameleon incorporated Arcades into their onboarding experience to educate new users and increase activation.

Industry: Product Adoption Platform

Using Arcade since: 2022

Types of use:

  • Onboarding
  • Product education
  • Demo center
  • Release notes


  • New users who interacted with an Arcade were 30% more likely to activate

We spoke with Pulkit Agrawal, CEO & Co-founder at Chameleon, about about why his team wanted to incorporate interactive demos in their onboarding experience and its impact on activation.

The Problem

Chameleon is a product adoption platform that enables companies to communicate with their users through their products in a targeted, personalized way. It offers features like in-app notifications, modals, checklists, micro-surveys, and more.

As a fast-growing company, Pulkit needed to find a way to showcase Chameleon to a broader audience. He wanted a more interactive and engaging way to present the product on the website and through emails. 

This requirement extended to prospects who were in the exploratory phase of the product but still needed to be ready to commit to building with Chameleon.

"We also wanted to offer a way for customers who are exploring and evaluating the product, but are not ready to invest in building for real, to discover features and functionalities in an interactive manner. This way, they can gain an understanding of what we can offer."

Therefore, they were confident that featuring their product early in the buying experience would make them stand out from their competitors and attract new customers.

Why Arcade?

The Chameleon team chose Arcade as it was a self-service platform that was easy to get started with and didn’t require engagement with sales or a long-term contract.

Ease of use and simplicity were key considerations, as they wanted various team members to create interactive Arcades for different use cases.

We chose Arcade because of the PLG motion. It was self-service and the easiest to use and start with.”

Since publishing their first Arcade in 2022, Chameleon has incorporated interactive demos throughout the customer’s journey - from their demo center to onboarding to release notes. 

Ways that Chameleon uses Arcade: 

  • Onboarding: Show different use cases to new users
  • Product tutorials: Teach customers how to use parts of the product
  • Demo center: Increase prospect engagement on specific solutions

Incorporating Arcades in Onboarding

As part of Chameleon’s onboarding program, they created a “Getting Started” module in the product for new users to learn at their own pace and return to as needed.

The implementation of Arcade led to notable improvements in user engagement and product adoption. Chameleon’s growth team, led by Jay Filiatrault, found that new users who engaged with an Arcade during the onboarding process were approximately 30% more likely to take a significant activation action, such as publishing a Chameleon experience in their app.

*Source: Mixpanel

The above visual, taken from Chameleon's Mixpanel software, shows the comparison in activation between new users that did/did not engage with an Arcade.


  • Engaging with an Arcade increases trial likelihood by 5x

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