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Create compelling, on-brand demos in minutes to drive leads, boost product adoption, and more effectively tell your product's story.

More than 10k companies use Arcade to tell better product stories
From passive to interactive storytelling

Why Marketing Teams Choose Arcade

Generate leads

Storytelling that drives conversion.

Buyer expectations are changing. They want to experience your product first. Showcase your product earlier to increase intent and capture prospects in a moment when they are most engaged.

Stay on-brand

Create beautiful demos in minutes.

Marketers expect visual polish and brand consistency. But creating high-quality assets, like videos, can be resource-intensive and time-consuming.

With a median publish time of 6 minutes, Arcade enables marketing teams to tell better product stories without compromising on quality.

Prove ROI

Integrate tools and show revenue impact.

Be equipped to show the ROI of marketing programs. Sync engagement data to your CRM and marketing tech stack to drive action with sales and understand performance in real-time.

Save time

Demos that scale.

Distribution and flexibility are critical for fast-paced marketing teams. Arcades are live assets designed to be updated, and any changes will be automatically updated across your properties. Plus, make any demo multi-media with video and GIF exports.

“Arcade is probably one of the most important ways for us to showcase the product and allow our web visitors and prospects to self-educate even before they jump into the product.”
Trevor Pyle
VP Product & Marketing
You're in good company

Quantum Metric doubled their demo conversion with Arcade.

“Arcade allowed us to have a much more focused narrative to tell the story we wanted.”
Trevor Pyle
Senior Director of Product Marketing & Strategy

conversion rate over “Get a Demo” page


more engagement vs. video


faster to create Arcade vs. video

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We've got answers.

What is an interactive demo?

An interactive demo is a hands-on experience that allows users to explore a product's features and functionality by directly engaging with it.

How do marketing teams use Arcade?

Marketing teams leverage Arcade to educate prospects and existing customers about product features and use cases in a compelling, interactive manner. Arcades are most frequently used for lead generation, product education, and gathering feedback and insights.

Can Arcades be personalized for 1:1 or 1:many use cases?

Yes - Arcades are designed to be shared at scale –– whether for 1 or 1 million people. Features like custom variables and custom links enable marketers to amend Arcade content for certain audiences. Another way to incorporate personalization within an Arcade is through branching, which enables your viewer to choose their own adventure.

How are Arcades created?

Arcade automatically stitches together screen recordings, videos, and images to help you tell a more engaging product story. You can start recording directly from our Chrome extension.

Are Arcades multi-media?

Yes, Arcades can be created through the Chrome extension, or by importing images and videos.