Changelog: June 2024

Secure sharing, desktop app, new languages, and more!

Public or private link?

Secure sharing allows you to seamlessly switch between two access options from the share button. Private Arcades will only be accessible to teammates in your workspace.

Move beyond the browser.

Arcade Desktop provides a faster, more flexible, and more creative demo-building experience beyond the browser's limitations.

Download for MacOS

That sounds more like it.

Choose from 29(!) new voiceover languages for the clearest, most-natural sounding voices yet, powered by ElevenLabs. Voiceovers allow you to communicate your story in a consistently polished way. Arcade's auto-language detection enables you to move and scale content quickly across geos and languages.

Bring videos into focus.

Pan and zoom is no longer just for images! Add multiple pan and zoom events inside a video to create a more dynamic visual experience and guide your viewer's focus to specific details.

Any step, any aspect ratio.

Previously, an Arcade's dimensions was set by the first step's ratio. Now, you can choose which step to set as the 'master ratio' by clicking the 'cover and fit' button in the right navigation bar.

How Skilljar reimagined their website product demo.

We spoke with Jared Clemons, Revenue Enablement Lead @ Skilljar, about how the Skilljar team reimagined their website product demo to drive more meetings.

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Build like it's 2024, not 1984.

In mid-May, we announced announced the Desktop App, Collections, and Insights 2.0! In case you missed it, check out our launch video where we shared and discussed:

  • The next phase in Arcade’s product journey
  • Why teams that don’t ship fast won’t survive
  • How to build like it’s 2024, not 1984 👀

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Delightful touches.

Beautiful design is at the core of every product decision — we want to put your best brand forward. Here are some additional things we worked on in May:

⬆️ Upload PDFs to Arcades: Want to include a PowerPoint or Google Slides to an Arcade? Now, you can upload PDFs to an Arcade, removing the need to upload images of slides one at a time.

✨ Highlight is back: Yes, we brought it back.

🏃‍♀️ Fast preview: Instantly navigate between edit and preview to see how the step will render.

➕ Add steps from anywhere: A faster way to add new steps to any part of your demo. You can upload media, copy from another Arcade, record from your extension, or add from your library.

🎨 Export with backgrounds: When you export an Arcade as a GIF or MP4 (or any other file format), the exported Arcade now supports backgrounds (like the GIFs in this email!)

📱 Better mobile branching: Button proportions are now adjusted to render better.

🤖 '.AI' domains: We now support adding URLs with '.ai' in chapter/hotspot/callout buttons.

🪟 Windows delete key: Windows users can now use the 'delete' key to remove steps from an Arcade.

+ even more in our Changelog.

If you have any questions about how Arcade could work for your team, drop us a line at or book time a time with us here.

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