Build like it’s 1984

Not 1984.

This is an Arcade

Demo-Driven Development.

We believe that great products should be beautiful.
They should be easy to use.
And building them should be fast.

Software is significantly more competitive now than just a decade ago, and whether you are a small or large company – shipping fast and iterating fast is crucial for survival.

Arcade was built on the idea that your product is your ultimate competitive advantage and that interactive demos are the most effective way to show, not tell, how you solve your customers' problems.

Our latest release is designed to give you more flexibility and creativity in recording, organizing, and analyzing demos – so you can build like you’re in 2024, not 1984.

The Desktop app moves you beyond the browser, allowing you to record across desktop apps, terminal apps, or even tabs in browsers.

Collections transform how you share demos by organizing multiple Arcades into a single, streamlined landing page. This allows you to tell a more cohesive story about your product.

With Insights 2.0, you can compare performance across Arcades, uncover trends, and learn which products or messages resonate the most. Our account-based insights provide real-time signals about prospect engagement with your product.

Announcing Desktop App, Collections, and Insights 2.0.

Record. Organize. Analyze.

Music Software
Design Software
3D Software
Record interactive demo

Move beyond the browser.

Arcade Desktop provides a faster, more flexible, and more creative demo-building experience beyond the browser's limitations.

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Multiple Arcades. One Landing Page.

Collections organizes Arcades into a single, streamlined landing page so that you can tell a more cohesive story about your product.

Engage smarter and perform better.

Insights 2.0 compares performance and determines what resonates while providing account-based insights to show real-time prospect engagement.

More than 9k+ companies use Arcade to tell better product stories
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