Year in Review 2022

Helping Arcaders put thousands of demos into the hands of users.

Happy 1st birthday to us! 🥳

👋 Hey there, Arcader! We’re Caroline and Rich, co-founders of Arcade. One year ago, we launched Arcade so that anyone could create a demo of their product in minutes, and turn all users into power users.

Over the last year, we found new teammates, built new features, and met lots of new Arcaders (like you)!

We also got to meet our goal: Helping Arcaders put thousands of demos into the hands of users. Those Arcades were played millions of times, allowing users to directly experience amazing products. And best of all, Arcaders go from recording to publishing in just seven minutes, without needing engineers, designers, or anyone else.

Just you and your product creating something beautiful for your users.

Here are some of the standout moments and stats from 2022:

We grew a lot our first trip around the sun. 🌞

In May, we announced our Teams product, so teams can work on Arcade together (with a shared Arcade library, aggregated analytics, higher resolution video… all the good stuff). In August, we added a showcase of Arcades from Atlassian, AngelList, Clearbit, and others, so you can see how companies we love use Arcade.

We implemented self-service in September. We’re strong believers in letting the product sell itself through product-led growth motions, and we’ll continue to focus on powering the product-led growth economy.

Along the way, we added multiplayer, tagging and filtering, downloadable GIFs and videos, new UI, high resolution video, email interactivity, and way more.

While we were moving fast, we also broke things. So we took time off from building big to concentrate on the little things — paper cuts and errors — to keep your Arcade-ing as smooth as possible.

You can read it all — highs and lows — in the 43 changelogs we published this year or check out the highlight reel below.

More than anything, we loved getting to know you. 😍

Over thousands of Intercom chats, hundreds of calls, and one awesome in-person meetup, we’ve learned about Arcaders around the world.

Arcaders work across tech: In marketing, product, engineering, operations, and customer success. You’re using Arcade on landing pages, marketing tweets, pull requests, customer conversations, knowledge bases, and more. (Check out some examples!)

If each Arcade play saved just 5 minutes of time — five minutes of meeting with an engineer to build a demo, writing out steps, or telling a customer about your product — Arcades have saved Arcaders more than 21,000 hours this year. That’s 2.4 years, given back to all of you.

Thanks for being on our team. 🙏

We’ve seen thousands of amazing products this year on Arcade, and we’re constantly impressed by our users.

All of the feedback — bug reports, constructive criticism, feature requests, creative questions, pure love — helps us build a better product for you. And then you build a better product for your users. And so the circle of tech continues.

We don’t plan on resting on our laurels: We’ve got lots in the works for 2023. We’ve listened to you and are building lots of your requests (and adding some fun surprises!) If you have something on your mind, reach out.

We’re excited to keep building together.

From all of us at Arcade, thank you for being on our team.

Game on,

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