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We’re excited to announce Arcade for Teams! Arcade Teams is our newest product which is focused on multiplayer collaboration.

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When we started Arcade a year ago, we were imagining a world where anyone can engage with and share product experiences. Those product experiences are parts of a story — which explain the why, how, and when for someone to use it.

The reality is that building a story is hard. It requires a lot of forethought about what the arc should be. It also means we need to draft and share with others for feedback, and edit it.

The world’s best writers, filmmakers and creators create greatness within the revisions. Joan Didion, who is arguably one of the best writers of all time, often found the arc of her stories through collaborative sessions with Henry Robbins, her editor. They sat at her kitchen table late night, and passed back and forth lines that were then cut or revised.

We’ve seen the same with our Arcaders. For every demo that shines, it is the result of a team. While they are not sitting at kitchen tables, we want to recreate the feeling of a shared creative studio as much as possible.

Here’s the cast of characters that we see when they partner in building a great demo:

  • Product manager: They decide what the need for the product is, and which features should be highlighted.
  • Marketer: They come up with the storylines and the arc of the story about the product.
  • Designer: They look at the visuals and decide how to make the product shine.
  • Sales: They want to discover Arcades so that they can go sell.
  • Customer success: They need to build on what has been created so that they can answer more detailed questions that customers have.

Of course, there are teams within teams — there are multiple product managers, marketers, designers, sales and customer success people.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Arcade for Teams!

With Arcade Teams you can:

  • Discover already created Arcades and easily grab links within a single library across a team.
  • Collaborate on Arcades by inviting colleagues into a demo or requesting edit permissions.
  • Manage users by adding, removing or monitoring colleagues within an Arcade Team account.
  • Customize branding by choosing one theme for your Team, and have it apply to all Arcades. Ensure that everyone stays on brand!
  • Compare performance by learning about which Arcades perform the best, and build on top of successful Arcades.

Since rolling this out two weeks ago we’ve already onboarded dozens of companies onto Teams, including Carta, Atlassian and Sentry. Specifically, learn more about how Sentry uses Arcade within their team.

If you are interested in learning more about Teams, please sign up on our lead form!

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