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This is an Arcade
More than 10k companies use Arcade to tell better product stories

Elevate your product story with interactivity.

Explore our easy-to-use features designed to make your demo shine.

Choose your own adventure.

Options give your viewers more power and control, leading to higher engagement.

The combination of Advanced Branching and Insights allows you to track engagement from start to finish — through every path — and tell the real story of your demo’s performance.

Personalization at scale.

Personalization boosts engagement, but crafting unique messages can be time-consuming.

Custom variables do the heavy lifting so you can personalize Arcades at scale, and expand your reach exponentially.

Change (almost) everything.

With the power of Page Morph, you can directly edit the text of the product you’re recording, so users can spend less time orienting themselves and more time recognizing the value of your product.

The best part? Zero code required.

Focus your audience’s attention.

Forget spending hours in post-production trying to zoom in and out.

With pan and zoom, you can easily direct your audience's focus to the crucial parts of your product, giving you a more polished and clear demo every time.

Publish with confidence.

Skip the pain of having to create a new test environment every time you need to record a demo.

Blurring enables you to easily hide confidential or sensitive information simply by dragging a mask over the screen.

Professional voiceovers, in multiple languages.

Make your Arcades sound professional and natural with synthetic voiceover.

Available in multiple languages, it automatically detects the language and updates the speakers accordingly.

Share important context.

The power of an interactive demo is when you can bring your product together with words.

Callouts and hotspots allow you to share more context while keeping your viewer engaged.

Every story has chapters.

What makes a great demo is your ability to story tell and inspire action.

Chapters allow you to break your demos into sections and set the context about what you’re going to show. They also include call-to-action buttons — demo request, anyone?

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An asset designed to be easily updated.

Ever had to scrap a video for a product launch in the final hour because of one little visual that was off? We’ve been there… it sucks.

Arcades are live assets designed to be edited, and any changes will be automatically updated across your properties.

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“It’s kind of a magical experience”

Ben Peven
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Building great demos is a team sport.

Designed for teams, our Growth plan enables you to go deeper with analytics, a shared workspace, and more options for flaunting your brand.

Show off your brand.

Add your own branding to Arcade’s hosted demos to drive more signups.

Collaborate with teammates.

Invite your team to a shared workspace, and learn together from organization-wide analytics.

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