How Quantum Metric doubled their demo conversion with Arcade

Here's what happened when a leader in experience and product analytics started using Arcade to drive pipeline velocity and stand out in a crowded market.

Types of use:

  • Product Demos
  • Customer enablement
  • Feature announcements
  • Conference presentations


  • 2x conversion rate over the primary “Get a Demo” page
  • 5x more engagement vs. video content
  • 10x faster to create Arcade vs. video

We spoke with Trevor Pyle, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Strategy, about how Arcade drove pipeline velocity for the Quantum Metric team through an interactive demo library. Here’s their story. 

The Problem

Trevor and his team knew that they had a great product. Not just because Quantum Metric was a leading analytics platform that averaged over 4 billion sessions a month, but because their retention rate was consistently high. 

The problem? There was a new generation of buyers who were skeptical, information-forward, and wanted to do their own research without engaging sales. 

As competition in their industry intensified, the buzzwords and messaging started to sound the same. The product marketing team understood both the challenges this posed for buyers to assess software accurately and the increased difficulty for Quantum Metric to differentiate themselves and stand out. 

Sandboxes weren't the answer, as they were difficult to maintain, buggy, and unsuitable for non-technical teams. However, videos didn't always resonate with technical buyers who just wanted to "use the product" and then go into the other side of sandboxes. What Trevor and his team needed was a faster, easier way for both technical and non-technical buyers to recognize and experience the unique value of the platform.

Why Arcade?

Initially, they tried to solve their problem with another demo automation tool that was integrated into their product. Still, the workflow was unwieldy and slow, and the output wasn’t as compelling as they’d hoped. 

"We tried other demo platforms made specifically for this, and it just didn’t work. We wanted to tell a story and do it fast. So we needed something easy to use. Arcade was the first one where we just picked it up, were able to run and see results fast, with limited resources."

There was internal resistance to trying another interactive demo tool, so Trevor and his team needed strong conviction about Arcade's purpose and how it would drive pipeline velocity.

The Quantum Metric team needed a way to package their product’s value story quickly and effectively — for their sales team, for their marketers, and most importantly, for the prospective customers who were just one a-ha moment away from optimizing their customer journeys…for good. 

With Arcade, they could:

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Tell their story their way
  • Empower non-technical teams to create demos

Creating the Product Tour Library

During their Leap 2023 conference, Quantum Metric utilized Arcade to showcase their new Atlas feature release, which you can see in the video above.

After using Arcade for the conference, Trevor and his team quickly got positive internal feedback and saw the powerful interactive demos spread to sales and marketing teams. The interactive content was a perfect fit for how people wanted to engage, so they decided to go big with Arcade and create a complete product tour library designed to spark “a-ha moments” at scale.

'It was great for enablement because the story was built into the demo. It didn't feel like you were dumped into an environment, or had to watch an entire video."

Understanding the challenge buyers face in evaluating product after product, Quantum Metric built its library to make the process quick, painless, and even a little fun. Their hypothesis was that showcasing their product earlier in a prospect's journey, would generate greater intent and subsequently contribute to the Sales pipeline.

They knew success was directly tied to people’s understanding of the product value, and they found a way to get it in front of as many people as possible — not just the ones who clicked “Contact sales”. 


The effects of the demo library flow through to the sales and solutions engineering teams. They’re now having more educated first conversations, which drives pipeline velocity.

“Beyond contact sales, beyond a product tour video, our product demo library allows us to create relationships with buyers who are early in their decision cycle and may not be ready to speak with Sales, but are ready to learn about us.”


  • 2x conversion rate over the primary CTA on the demo page
  • 5x more engagement vs. video content
  • 10x faster to create Arcade vs. video

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