How Arcade increased trial likelihood by 5x for Nudge Security

Learn how Nudge Security incorporated Arcades into their product-led growth (PLG) strategy to educate their audience and drive free trials.

Types of use:

  • Website (homepage, product pages, changelog, and demo center)
  • Paid media (LinkedIn, Reddit)
  • YouTube
  • Emails


  • Web visitors that engaged with an Arcade were 5x more likely to start a trial

We spoke with Danielle Russell, VP of Product Management & Marketing at Nudge Security, about how they embraced a modern, product-led growth (PLG) model and leaned into interactive demos to increase buyer intent and drive revenue.

The Problem

Nudge Security helps organizations modernize their SaaS governance and security. When the company was preparing to launch, it was critical to Danielle and her team that their “modern” and “transparent” product ethos extended to their marketing. 

For the website, Danielle wanted to create a self-service experience for potential buyers and remove the requirement to get in front of a salesperson before they could see the product – which was the usual experience in the industry.  

However, as a lean, fast-moving team, the prospect of taking product screenshots or creating a demo environment and then using third-party editing software to add features like voiceover or blur was painful

Danielle needed a way to showcase the product’s value quickly and compellingly.

Why Arcade?

The catalyst for using Arcade started with the initial website launch. Since then, Arcades have become integral to the company's go-to-market strategy as they create them for product launches, weekly changelogs, the demo center, and paid media. 

They can scale the number of Arcades published and expand to new channels with the speed of execution and learning from each demo’s performance in Insights. In 2023 alone, the team had 45 product launches (with Arcades), all managed by one product marketer.

With Arcade, they can: 

- Work efficiently with a lean team and fast-paced product development

- Set benchmarks and gauge feature interest through Insights

- Ensure that their marketing efforts are a clear extension of their product

For Nudge Security’s marketing team, Arcades is a core part of the customer’s lifecycle - from paid ads for awareness to the demo center for trial conversion to the changelog for product updates.

Ways that Nudge uses Arcade: 
  • Changelog: Weekly product updates
  • Demo center: Hub of use-case-specific demos to drive trials
  • Website: Homepage demo and product pages
  • Marketing ads: LinkedIn and Reddit 
  • Communications: Launch emails with Arcade gifs
  • Video: YouTube demo content

Let’s dive into the first two - Changelog and Demo center.

From the get-go, Danielle wanted to ensure they were not seen as a company that says, “it’s on our roadmap” and leaves customers in the dark, but rather one that regularly shows what they’re building. Their goal is to instill a sense of trust and, once again, have it be an extension of their brand - modern, able to move quickly and show value.

“It's such a shortcut for us to create and communicate the value of the features we deliver. And it’s so much more intuitive for our end users to learn about these features and ensure that in just 30 seconds to a minute, they have the information they need to know how to get more and more value out of our product."

With 45 releases in 2023 and one team member focused on all launch content, creating content quickly saved time and led to higher product awareness and usage. Customers appreciate that Arcades effectively replicate the product experience by guiding them through the entire story of a feature.

Nudge’s website aims to be educational and informational to capture buyers' interest and drive trial conversions. To incorporate the idea of “show, don’t tell,” they built a demo center that allows prospects to self-educate through interactive demos, product tutorials, and webcasts.

“Arcade is probably one of the most important ways for us to showcase the product and allow our web visitors and prospects to self-educate even before they jump into the product.”

By providing short- and long-form options for learning about the product, they aim to increase buyer intent to move onto a trial or connect with their team.

“As we’ve used Arcade to tell the story of every launch, it's given us the ability to go back retroactively and see which of those features had the highest engagement in the Arcade, and then we can learn from each one. 

What I really love now is the lead visibility. We're now getting better insight into which customers engage most with our Changelog and demo center.”

Looking ahead, Danielle and her team are continuing to think about how to iterate on existing Arcades while leveraging new features, like Audience Reveal, to better understand which companies are engaging with their content.


  • Engaging with an Arcade increases trial likelihood by 5x.

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