Changelog: September 2023

Multi-language voiceovers, advanced branching, new formatting options, and more.

Choose your own adventure.

Enhance your demos by tailoring them to the specific needs of your prospects or customers with our newest Growth feature: Advanced Branching. Adding multiple buttons in chapters allows you to gain deeper insights into audience behavior and make your demos even more impactful.

*Note: This feature is only available on our Growth plan. You can try it out for free for 14 days.

Synthetic Voice

Enhanced storytelling — in twelve languages.

Captivate your audience with professional and natural-sounding voiceovers available in twelve languages (and growing!). Our Synthetic Voice feature automatically detects the language and updates the speaker accordingly, providing an engaging experience for your audience.

🕹 Arcade Pro Tip: Think of Synthetic Audio as if you were writing a script for a live audience -- where they're scanning the screen but may not be reading the text. The best use cases of this feature have been for storytelling vs. a granular how-to.

Updated Hotspot controls

Make a statement with new formatting options.

Add emphasis to your hotspots and callouts with our new syntax options. This is useful for highlighting key points and information you want your audience to remember.‍

🕹 Arcade Pro Tip:  Don't *overdo* it with the formatting. Choose one or two words that you want to emphasize.

Video Split

Split videos with one-click.

Our new Split feature makes video editing easier. It takes a screenshot and creates a hotspot to transition between videos.

🕹 Arcade Pro Tip: When you create an Arcade with video, we capture the entire session. Copy any step that has a video and move it to the top. Now, you have a 'master' video, and can use the Split button to rewatch and edit your Arcade easily.

View all of last month’s updates and fixes in our Changelog.

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