Changelog: March 2024

Integrations, More Granular Insights, Benchmarks, and more.

February was another jam-packed month for the team here at Arcade as we focused on finding more ways for creators to gather insights and take action from their demos. Here's a view into some launched features and ways to incorporate them into your demos and storytelling.

Connect your workflows.

10 new integrations, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Amplitude, Segment, PostHog, and more, are now available to help you collect, understand, and act on your Arcade event data.

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*Integrations are available on our Growth and Enterprise plans. Learn more or Try Growth for Free.

Dig into the data.

Over the past few months, we have invested in providing more detailed and actionable insights for your demos. Some of the features we introduced include audience reveal and integrations. In February, we rolled out more updates to Insights to allow you to get more granular data.

  • Download CSV: Export your Insight data for further analysis with external tools
  • Custom dates: Select specific date ranges for tracking a demo's performance — whether a 5-day or 55-day range.
  • Insights filters: Select one (or many!) 'tags' or 'folders' to get a cohesive view across groups of Arcades.

🕹 Pro tip: Get ahead of spring cleaning and organize your Arcades into folders (and tags for a layer deeper!) Time spent organizing will unlock deeper insights and allow you to curate groups of Arcade for performance analysis.

*Insights are available on our paid plans. Learn more.

Consistent branding across folders.

Custom themes allow you to have different visual and call-to-action preferences for more streamlined and consistent Arcades. Now, you can save time (and retroactively update Arcades!) by assigning themes to folders.

🕹 Pro tip: Add UTMs to each theme to track CTA performance. For example, if your website Arcades aim to "start a trial" and the Sales demos are to "book a meeting," create different themes to adjust the call-to-actions.

*Insights are available on our paid plans. Learn more.

(Web)hooked on forms.

Never miss another form submission. Sync form submission data back to your tools in real time using webhooks.

🕹 Pro tip: Get up to speed on forms first! 

*Available on the Enterprise plan. Chat with us to learn more.

Point it out.

Make it more apparent where a callout is pointing with new directional arrows. This is especially helpful if the product screen has a lot of text or visuals.

A section in the spotlight.

Highlight is an addition to the image editing suite and lets you to separate or isolate parts of step images for a more focused viewer experience. Choose from dark/light backgrounds and various levels of intensity.

*Highlight (and other image editing features) are available on our paid plans. Learn more.

Delightful touches.

Beautiful design is at the core of every product decision — we want to put your best brand forward. Here are some additional things we worked on in February:

🔊 Background music adjustments: Set the volume level ratio for background music and video sounds.

Autoplay: Choose the pace of your demo with customizable interaction controls.

🤝 Unified controls: A reimagined viewer experience to make controlling and engaging with a multi-media Arcade even easier.

📹 Viewer video improvements: Detailed timestamps and speed control for trimming and skimming.

🎨 Custom backgrounds: Choose a background to make your Arcade pop -- whether a branded image or a set color.

+ even more in our Changelog.

Customer Highlights

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Behind the numbers.

Learn what the Arcade team has been sharing and discussing over the past few weeks.

Arcade Benchmarks 2024

Explore our 2024 Benchmark Report to understand the relative performance of your demos and learn strategies for higher engagement.

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Behind the play button

Explore our 2024 Benchmark Report to understand the relative performance of your demos and learn strategies for higher engagement.

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If you have any questions about how Arcade could work for your team, drop us a line at or book time a time with us here.

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