Changelog: February 2024

Forms, Audience Reveal, Hubspot integration, and lots more.

January 2024 was a busy month for the team at Arcade! Here's a view into some of the features that launched and ways to incorporate them into your demos and storytelling.

Capture audience intent — in the moment.

Forms are built directly in your Arcade, allowing you to gather information about when your audience is most engaged.

Whether you’re looking to gate your demo at the beginning or capture interested buyers at the end — forms are customizable to your teams’ needs.

Other ways to use forms:

  • Gather product feedback from customers during the product development process.
  • Capture email addresses for newsletters, webinars, or other digital content.
  • Create waitlists for product beta’s or other “coming soon 👀”  announcements.
💡 Pro tip: Enable the Hubspot integration to sync responses directly into your CRM

Turn website visitors into actionable leads.

Audience Reveal takes the “anonymous” out of engagement data and provides information on which companies are interacting with your Arcades.

Other ways to use Audience Reveal:

  • Create outbound sequences for key decision-makers.
  • Run retargeting campaigns to job titles in your target audience.
  • Build a specific demo for the company and use custom variables to track viewership.
💡 Pro tip: Look at sparklines across different time frames to identify trends in viewership

Integrated into your workflows.

With the HubSpot integration, demo engagement data goes directly to your CRM to create leads and opportunities, assess customer engagement levels, and make handoffs smoother.

This integration enables teams to quickly take action on leads captured by Audience Reveal and forms.

Want to learn more about how this works? Check out our integrations article.

These features are all available on our Growth plan, which you can try for free for 14 days.

Smooth and secure.

Blur saves you time and stress, whether you're concealing confidential numbers for a demo or need to hide and image quickly. Now, there are more options for choosing the texture and intensity level.

Different dimensions? No problem.

Sometimes you want to include images and videos in your Arcades, but they don’t have the same dimensions 🤯. It happens, we’ve been there. With cover and fit, you can now resize and align images and videos for each individual step. And breaaathe….

More styles to make your text pop.

Add animations, change font sizes, include images, and more.

And zoom 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...

Seamless automatic transitions to focus your audience and save you time on editing.

Delightful touches.

Beautiful design is at the core of every product decision — we want to put your best brand forward. Here are some additional things we’ve worked on in November:

🖼 Copy steps as images: Right-click to convert steps to images to use on other channels or modify and paste back to Arcade.

🗂 Better filtering: Choose between the last edited, last viewed, and alphabetically to find what you need faster.

💬 Callout URL formatting: No matter the length, URLs can now be added to callouts and will have a wrap format.

{+} Variables in text fields: Add custom variables directly in text boxes.

✅ ‘Select all’ button: No more clicking on each demo; now there's a button. This is the fastest way to take action on multiple Arcades at once.

🔗 Copy URL button: Sharing has never been easier. A link button will be on Arcades in the top right corner and will copy to your clipboard when clicked.

+ even more in our Changelog.

If you have any questions about how Arcade could work for your team, drop us a line at or book time a time with us here.

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