Changelog: December 2023

Themes, export panel, branch view, and more.

Take custom branding to the next level.

Multiple teams or products? No problem. Define different visual design and branding preferences to easily apply across Arcades with themes.

Multiple formats, one Arcade.

We've revamped the export experience, giving you more control over the quality and size of your videos and GIFs. Create multiple exports for your channels' requirements in a few clicks and use version history to track changes.

Make quick changes to your product.  

The wait is over. Page Morph (beta) is now available for growth customers!enables you to edit text in your product right from the Chrome Extension. Tailor demos for prospects, adjust content, or hide sensitive data — no code required.

See your flow from a new perspective.

Branch view is a new way to visualize how your audience will progress through an Arcade. This view is helpful when your demo has multiple paths, as you can check the step routing.

Customer Highlights

How Quantum Metric doubled demo conversion with Arcade

Learn how the product marketing team  drove pipeline velocity by building a product demo library.

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How Glide saved six months of content production time with Arcade

See how the education team reimagined their documentation library and scaled content from week one.

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Delightful touches.

Beautiful design is at the core of every product decision — we want to put your best brand forward. Here are some additional things we’ve worked on in November:

↕️ Rearrange buttons: Easily drag-and-drop buttons to change their order on chapters.

*Growth only

💬 Closed captions: Choose whether to have closed captions ON or OFF when using synthetic voice in an Arcade.

🙈 No hidden areas: Viewers can drag callouts anywhere on their screen to see any images or text that may be covered.

⌨️ More keyboard shortcuts: Restart, pause, cancel, and finish recordings quickly.

🖼 Custom Thumbnails: Tailor how your Arcade link preview renders on social media.

View all of last month’s updates and fixes in our Changelog.

If you have any questions about how Arcade could work for your team, drop us a line at or book time a time with us here.

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