Changelog: April 2024

Collections, external titles, invisible hotspots, and more.

It has been another busy month for the Arcade team, as we have been focusing on improving ease-of-use by introducing new features such as 'add from Arcade'. We have also added advanced editing capabilities including invisible hotspots and callouts/hotspots on videos.

Below, you can find more information on the features we have launched and ways to incorporate them into your demos and storytelling.

Multiple Arcades. One landing page.

Collections is our latest feature designed to transform how you share your demos. By combining multiple Arcades into a single, streamlined landing page, you can tell a more cohesive story about your product — whether that's for a changelog or a sales leave-behind.

Here are some examples of how Collections can be used: 

🕹 Pro tip: provide clear descriptions and external titles (see below 👇 ) for each included Arcade to provide context for your audience. 

*Collections are available on our Growth and Enterprise plans. Learn more or Try Growth for Free.

Invisible hotspots and callouts.

Progress through an Arcade without having to click on a (visible) hotspot or callout. This is particularly useful for presentations, conferences, and gathering new product feedback.

🕹 Pro tip: Adding chapters between key sections will prevent accidentally skipping steps.

Add from another Arcade.

Save time and eliminate manual copying by importing all steps directly from another demo in a new Arcade.

🕹 Pro tip: Keeping your Arcades organized by using folders will make it easier to find them when using this feature, so spring clean your files today 💐🧼.

Internal and external titles.

Concise on the front, standardized on the back.  Choose the external title you want your audience to see for an Arcade without needing to remove any existing nomenclature your team may use to keep Arcades organized.

🕹 Pro tip: If you're collaborating across your team, having clear nomenclature for internal Arcade names can be helpful for staying organized. Decide on a structure that works for you. For example, the format might look like "Month-Quarter-Year | Arcade Name | Audience".

Callouts and hotspots on videos.

Sharing context is not just for static steps. Now, you can include hotspots and callouts on any video steps to give additional context or guide your viewer to a specific part of your product.

🕹 Pro tip: When demonstrating your product, it's important to keep the viewer in mind. If you add additional layers like callouts or hotspots on top of video, consider using pan and zoom to focus on the most important parts of the product.

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Delightful touches.

Beautiful design is at the core of every product decision — we want to put your best brand forward. Here are some additional things we worked on in March:

📂 Folder re-ordering: Easily arrange folder structures by dragging and dropping them to different locations within the list.

🗺️ More voiceover languages: Swedish and Norwegian voices are now available with synthetic voiceover.

📌 Upload location: Images and videos uploaded to an Arcade will now be inserted after the highlighted current step rather than at the end of the Arcade.

🔍 Hotspot and callout scaling: Hotspots and callouts in the Arcade now scale better based on available space, enhancing viewer experience on screens of all sizes.

📨 Mailto: in chapters: Get ready for your inbox to fill up, as you can now trigger emails directly from buttons in chapters.

🗃️ Export CSV formatting: Exported insights data will now be precise values versus rounded numbers.

📸 Publish single videos and screenshots: Any video or screenshot taken from the extension can be shared immediately instead of being added to an Arcade.

+ even more in our Changelog.

If you have any questions about how Arcade could work for your team, drop us a line at or book time a time with us here.

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