How Capchase tested new product concepts 4x faster with Arcade

Learn how Capchase used Arcade to iterate on new product concepts, get user feedback, and drive more signups.

Industry: Fintech

Using Arcade since: 2022

Types of use:

  • Sharing new product concepts with customers
  • Help center


  • Create Arcades 4x faster than Figma prototypes

We spoke with Ignacio "Guli" Moreno, co-founder at Capchase, about why his team added Arcade to their Loom and Figma workflows to test new product concepts before launching a new product line.

The Problem

Capchase is a fintech company that provides non-dilutive financing solutions to SaaS companies to help them grow. 

When Capchase began building its Capchase Pay product, Ignacio "Guli" knew that his team needed a better way to share new product concepts and designs internally and externally without depending too much on their product designers. 

They had been using a combination of tools but were looking for a better way to: 

  • Develop and share new product concepts quickly, facilitating early customer feedback and iterative design.
  • Reduce dependency on design teams to make changes to prototypes.
  • Streamline the process of sharing and updating product demos, ensuring all stakeholders had access to the latest versions.

Why Arcade?

“The best thing about it [Arcade] is that it allows for very quick iteration. In the time it would take me to do one Figma prototype, I could have created or iterated on three or four Arcades.” 

The Capchase team had been using Figma for prototyping before they started using Arcade. However, they faced some difficulties using only Figma, which was challenging to edit and required design expertise. Complementing Figma with Arcade accelerated the workflow 2-4x. Moreover, they couldn't add annotations or explanations of each screen, which was crucial as they wanted to explain concepts to potential users asynchronously. They also explored using Loom to help with the annotations for the prototyping process.

“With Loom, you have to go back and forth, re-edit, and make cuts and other adjustments. With Arcade, you could create a prototype with all the explanations and just put it out there faster.”

Since publishing their first Arcade in 2022, Capchase has incorporated interactive demos throughout the customer’s journey - from their demo center to onboarding to release notes. 

With Arcade, they were able to: 

  • Iterate faster: The ability to show examples of new product concepts (from the same demo) was faster than their existing process. This enabled Capchase to gather more feedback and share more versions of concepts throughout the development process. 
  • Improve internal and external communication: Arcade has enabled the team to communicate product concepts more effectively, reducing misunderstandings and better aligning team objectives.
  • Increase customer engagement: By embedding Arcade in customer support channels, Capchase has brought their product to customers earlier in the development process, leading to better customer understanding and satisfaction.

Building Prototypes with Arcade

In the lead-up to launching Capchase Pay, Guli and his team needed a way to build an internal and external vision, demo the product, see which flows made sense, and ultimately close the first customers.

At Capchase, we want to earn the right to build products. You need to get the first customers to sign before you bring on engineers… and that's why we started to explore Arcade.”

Additionally, Arcade enabled Capchase and its customers to have one source of truth. Given that they were iterating quickly on shared Arcades, it became increasingly important that they could work from one place – i.e., one Arcade. 

“If you share a link to a Loom or a PDF and you edit it, then you have to share another one which is difficult because then you have a huge backlog of versions and you don’t know which one you’ve shared with whom.”

Since launching Capchase Pay, Guli’s team has expanded to using Arcade on their help center Arcades and other educational content for customers.

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