Announcing Arcade Adventure

A new suite of tools designed for seamless, beautiful, and personalized storytelling at scale.

Today, Arcade is announcing Arcade Adventure, a new suite of personalization tools designed for seamless and beautiful storytelling at scale.

Since Arcade was founded, more than 7K+ companies have pushed what’s possible in Arcade, with our demos powering millions of unique viewers per month.

As an interactive demo platform, we understand that articulating the value of your product can be both mission-critical and endlessly complex. Adding personalization can compound that feeling of complexity.

We hear about this firsthand from our customers. Quantum Metric shared with us that they experimented with many options and alternatives in the market — including video, sandbox environments, and other interactive demo platforms.

Arcade is designed to be “effortlessly beautiful,” — meaning that anyone can easily create and tell their product’s story with the right set of tools. This release, Arcade Adventure, was driven by the need for teams to further unlock new levels of personalization and insight — at scale.

Plus, it wouldn’t be an Arcade launch without some retro game nostalgia, right? 🕹😉

With Arcade Adventure, you can take our new features for a spin:

  • Custom Tokens allow you to dynamically personalize your Arcades at scale through unique links and variables.
  • Page Morph (beta) enables you to edit text within your product before recording - no code required.
  • (Choose Your Own Adventure / Paths) brings together the power of branching with intelligent insights to make your Arcades more dynamic.

Arcade Adventure combines the flexibility of the browser with the dynamism of Arcade. This new suite of tools is designed to maximize your impact — without draining time or internal resources.

Putting it into practice

What does Arcade Adventure look like in your daily workflow?

Our motto is “show, don’t tell” for a reason! Let’s walk through some real-world use cases of how your team might use Page Morph, Custom Tokens, and Choose Your Own Adventure.

For demonstration purposes, we’ve highlighted three teams - Sales, Marketing, and Product; however, you can see more examples in our knowledge base here.

Custom Tokens: Personalize at scale.
Role: Product Marketing 📤
Use Case: Monthly Product Newsletter
Goal: Increase CTR on feature announcements.

It’s the beginning of the month, and you’re putting together an email newsletter to recap the latest feature releases. You usually rely on having your brand team design a GIF or screenshot. It’s no secret that personalization drives engagement, but is there a better way to create and track that?

Now, you can personalize any demo using dynamic variables. So whether you’re emailing 100 or 100,000 customers, they’ll all get their own personal Arcade. All from one Arcade.

This is just the beginning of Custom Tokens: we’re going to display information about how to connect the dots for your teams in order to understand qualified leads.

To use this feature, sign up for a free trial of Growth.

Page Morph: Make quick changes to your product.
Role: Sales 🤑
Use Case: Prospect call
Goal: Personalize your demo with your customer’s name.

It’s a few minutes before an important prospect call - you’re ready to close this deal.

But your product is showing sensitive information and some typos that you can’t show the prospect. You really want to show this unreleased feature to get this deal over the line.

With our powerful front-end text editing feature, you can now change that text quickly!

You can take it a step further than just updating the name; why not add language specific to their industry or use case?

If you want to give this a spin, join our waitlist!

Choose Your Own Adventure: Make your Arcades more dynamic
Role: Product ⚙️
Use Case: Feature development
Goal: Get quantitative feedback on potential new features.

You’re heading into the next sprint cycle, and there’s a handful of feature requests to build.

Trying to jump on lots of calls for live feedback is time-consuming and not scaleable, and screenshots are limiting.

With our Advanced Branching feature, you can show your customers multiple options within a demo and send them on a specific path. So whether you want to understand which feature would be most valuable or get feedback on a specific flow (or both!), this can be done in one demo.

For your customers, providing options allows them to have more influence.

For your team, you’re now able to learn about who your customers are and what they want — at scale.

We hope that you find value in these features, and we can’t wait to see your examples. 💥 🎟️

To join the waitlist for our text editing DOM feature, fill out this form.

If you have any questions about how Arcade could work for your team, drop us a line at

Game on 🤘,
The Arcade Team

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