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Arcade helps you tell better, more engaging product stories through interactive demos.

Today, we’re excited to share several upgrades inside the Arcade viewer experience. Our goal is to help our customers tell more engaging product stories through interactive product demos.

We believe that Arcades should be intuitive to anyone — for the people who build them and for the people who see them. That’s why we’ve recently shipped Chapters for more engaging demos, mobile-optimized viewing, and a new navigation to empower viewers.

Tell better product stories with chapters

Chapters help you increase engagement of your Arcades by 3x! Now, you can create text overlay slides that introduce your product demo, split it into different parts, and conclude with a clear call-to-action.

Keep users engaged with context-setting between screens and get them on the right path. Chapters are available for Pro/Team users.

Arcades are now mobile-ready

All published Arcades are now optimized for viewing on mobile. Viewers can easily progress through an Arcade on their mobile devices while preserving the full demo experience. You don’t need to update or change any of your existing Arcades - they’re already mobile-ready!

Empowering viewers with navigation

Your viewers can now go at their own pace, skip ahead, and track their progress in an Arcade. Navigation empower your viewers with more control over their demo experience.

Check out the new Arcade experience

We can’t wait to see what you create 🙂

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