Arcade for Product

Demos built for fast-paced teams looking to drive product adoption, gather feedback quickly, and iterate on concepts.

More than 10k companies use Arcade to tell better product stories
From idea to launch

Why Product Teams Choose Arcade

Increase activation

Accelerate new user milestones.

Elevate onboarding by encouraging new users to actively interact with your product. Integrating Arcade within your onboarding journey can streamline the learning process, boost confidence, and guide new users toward crucial activation milestones.

Faster insights

Feedback at every stage of development.

It is important to showcase your product before launch to understand user interactions and prioritize updates. Arcade simplifies capturing user feedback and observing customer behavior—whether for 10 or 10,000 customers.

Increase engagement

Show (don’t tell) how you solve a pain point.

Arcade empowers customers to engage with your product in personalized contexts and progress at their own pace, driving higher engagement and understanding.

Ease of use

Spend time building products, not demos.

Creating educational assets, like videos, can be resource-intensive and time-consuming for product teams. Arcade enables them to publish quickly without compromising quality, with a median publish time of just 6 minutes.

Prove ROI

Integrate tools and understand business impact.

Be equipped to show the ROI of product efforts. Sync engagement data to product analytics tools and your CRM to understand user behavior and drive action in real-time.

“It's such a shortcut for us to create and communicate the value of the features we deliver. And it’s so much more intuitive for our end users to learn about these features and ensure that in just 30 seconds to a minute, they have the information they need to know how to get more and more value out of our product.”
Trevor Pyle
VP Product & Marketing
You're in good company

Chameleon increased activation likelihood by 30% with Arcade.

“Arcade is a really simple way to put the product in front of people before they're really willing to start using it.”
Trevor Pyle
CEO & Co-founder
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We got answers.

What is an interactive demo?

An interactive demo is a hands-on experience that allows users to explore a product's features and functionality by directly engaging with it.

How do product teams use Arcade?

Product teams leverage Arcade to engage and learn from users throughout their lifecycle. Most frequently, Arcades are used for testing new products, gathering feedback, and educating customers on new features.

What if your product changes?

Arcades are assets designed to be updated, meaning that any changes will be reflected across all properties where the Arcade is shown.