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Grow your product with actionable insights

More than 10k companies use Arcade to tell better product stories

With the Arcade Growth plan, unlock actionable insights

Data drives learnings. With Arcade, you can record and publish a demo in minutes and get actionable data right away.

Show off your brand

Add your own branding to Arcade’s hosted demos to drive more signups.

Collaborate with teammates

Invite your team to a shared workspace, and learn together from organization-wide analytics.

Learn what works

Experiment with campaigns, test new features, and understand the impact of every change.

How can you use Arcade to grow your product?

Here are a few questions that your team may be asking.

“How can I drive more leads and adoption of our product?”

We want your customers to opt in at any moment. Use your logo to get them to click on your call to action, and learn how and where they are engaging.

“Do customers want our new feature?“

With Arcade Growth, you can measure viewers, play rate, completion rate, engagement drop-off, average play time, and click-through rate.

Learn how customers play with your new feature.

“Did my change to the demo drive better results?”

We always show lift or decline across each metric, so you can easily see the impact of experiments that you run.

“What will our customers choose to learn more about?”

You can build different journeys within your demo, then use Insights to learn more about what your customers are choosing to click on.

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