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Frequently asked questions

What can I record?

Arcade's desktop app allows you to create interactive demos through recording desktop apps, terminal apps, and multiple tabs/screens.

How do I record a demo?

After launching the Arcade app, choose between recording your entire screen or app and then press the 'record interactive demo' button.

Can I edit a demo after recording it?

Absolutely. Once you've finished recording, your Arcade will open up a tab in your default browser to upload. You will have the same editing capabilities from there as the Chrome extension.

Can I export my demo? If so, in what formats?

Yes! Once you have edited your Arcade, the demo can be exported in GIF and video formats with customizable export settings for quality and size.

How do I check for updates?

If a new update is available, you will be prompted with a modal to update the app on loading. It will require a refresh of the app.