The latest Arcade feature releases, improvements, design updates, and bug fixes.
July 12, 2024

🎤  Caption editing.

Seamlessly edit your captions for perfect copy and grammar.

🖼️  Collections styling.

Add headings, hide titles, and text alignment options.

Additional feature improvements:

  • Duplicate steps: There is now a duplicate option on a step's '...' toggle, removing the need to copy/paste.
  • Take action on multiple steps: If multiple steps are selected, you can apply actions on all of them at once (like hiding steps!).

Bug Fixes:

Last week the team focused on squashing lots of bugs, including:

  • Fixed an issue where video pan and zoom was not transitioning seamlessly on some Arcades that had certain frame sizes.
June 28, 2024

🔔  More Slack notifications.

Never miss another form submission. Receive real-time notifications for form submissions and when a teammate publishes an Arcade to a dedicated Slack channel.

🔐 Security access controls.

Additional privacy options for sharing Arcades with individuals and/or teammates. You can share an Arcade via an email invite or with members of your team.

Feature improvements:

  • The next/back button can be toggled to default on/off on the theme level, not just Arcade-level.
  • A creator's avatar will show next to their created/published Arcade in list view (*already shown in grid view)
  • Any undo (command + z) keyboard actions will prompt a notification at the bottom of the screen to make sure you know it's worked

Bug Fixes:

Last week the team focused on squashing lots of bugs, including:

  • Fixed an issue the <down> and <up> keys didn't work correctly when the following step has a hotspot and callout.
  • Fixed an issue where <Command + Z> wasn't working for all all elements
  • Fixed an issue where [editing] keyboard shortcuts were working when in preview mode
  • Fixed an issue where voiceover inspector didn't reset when moving between steps with voiceover
June 27, 2024

📣 Introducing our new editor.

Over the years, we've been adding these to the right sidebar as we've built them - but it was getting cluttered and not contextual.

The biggest change? We've moved all components that require adding something to your Arcade to the top, and all components that require editing or changing an existing elements to the right.

From day one, we've focused on designing an editing experience that is delightful, fast, and effortlessly easy. We want our customers to feel the magic ✨ of building interactive demos with a platform that evolves as quickly as their needs do.We have redesigned our editor to provide a more seamless, intuitive editing experience.

Check out the blog post from our Head of Design, Aleks Faure.

June 21, 2024

👋 Bye, bye buttons.

Sometimes you want to add a callout, but exclude the buttons. Now, the same callouts you know and love can have buttons toggled on and off.

🙈 Hide your viewer data.

Toggle 'internal viewer' data on/off in Insights, for a clear view of how your Arcades have been performing with external viewers.

Feature improvements:

  • Captions can now be turned off by default.
  • Icons have been removed when an Arcade is in 'invisible hotspot' mode.

Bug Fixes:

Last week the team focused on squashing lots of bugs, including:

  • Fixed an issue where the preview page of the collection plays the background music in the Arcades without the user's interaction.
June 14, 2024

⏮️ ⏭️ Back and forth

Viewers can press 'forward' and 'backward' on the wrapper bar.

🎶  Hold the beat

Background music will now pause when the Arcade player pauses! 

🌎 More translation languages

All 29 (and growing!) voiceover languages are now available to use for translations. Need a reminder on how translations work? Check out this Arcade.

Bug Fixes:

Last week the team focused on squashing lots of bugs, including:

  • Fixed an issue where hotspot text wasn't appearing for a customer after a step with pan and zoom
  • Fixed an issue where Arcades with delayed pan and zoom animations were exporting in the wrong position in video exports
June 7, 2024

🔐 Secure Sharing

Public or Private? Now, you can seamlessly switch between two access options from the share button.

*Currently available for Growth/Enterprise customers only

🎞️ Pan and Zoom in video

Add multiple pan and zoom events inside a video to create a more dynamic visual experience and focus your viewer on specific details.

Feature Improvements:

  • Increased the PDF import image scaling
  • Added a shortcut to allow creators to toggle 'Preview' mode "Shift + P

Bug Fixes

Last week the team focused on squashing lots of bugs, including:

  • Fixed an issue where the help/close icon was blocking the Intercom support button on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where the Hubspot sync function was timing out for a customer with a lot of leads
May 31, 2024

🗣️ More voiceover languages

There are now 30(!) synthetic voice languages to choose from (with local dialects) -- all powered by ElevenLabs.

➕ Add steps from anywhere

A faster way to add new steps to any part of your demo. You can upload media, copy from another Arcade, record from your extension, or add from your library.

Bug Fixes

Last week the team focused on squashing lots of bugs, including: 

  • Fixing an issue where text was being truncated in the wrong place in callouts
  • Fixed an issue where some customers' Insights wasn't loading correctly

May 24, 2024

Product Improvements

  • Export with backgrounds: When you export an Arcade as a GIF or MP4 (or any other file format), the exported Arcade now supports backgrounds.
  • Better mobile branching: We adjusted the proportions of the buttons to render better.
  • Highlight is back: Yes, we brought it back.

Bug Fixes

Last week the team focused on squashing lots of bugs, including: 

  • Better flows for hotspot text between screenshots and video.

May 17, 2024

🗣️ Introducing *new* language-aware voiceover options

Today, we are introducing brand new voiceover options for the clearest, most-natural sounding voices yet. Voiceovers are a powerful tool for communicating your message in a consistently polished way. Auto-language detection enables you to move and scale content quickly across geos and languages. 

Take a moment to explore the Arcade above and hear for yourself!

*Synthetic voice is available on all Arcade plans.

Product Improvements

  • 🖼️ Auto-ratio changes: Previously, an Arcade's dimensions was set by the first step's content. Now, you can choose which step to set as the 'master ratio' by clicking the 'cover and fit' button in the right navigation bar.
  • 🤖 '.AI' domains: We now support adding URLs with '.ai' in chapter/hotspot/callout buttons.

Bug Fixes

Last week the team focused on squashing lots of bugs, including: 

  • Fixed an issue where the preview page layout wasn't rendering properly in Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where 'cover and fit' was not exporting correctly for some video steps
  • Fixed an issue where a customers' exported video had audio and video issues at the end of the demo
May 14, 2024

Announcing Desktop, Collections, and Insights 2.0

Our latest release is designed to give you more flexibility and creativity in recording, organizing, and analyzing demos.

  • The Desktop app moves you beyond the browser, allowing you to record across desktop apps, terminal apps, or even tabs in browsers.
  • Collections transform how you share demos by organizing multiple Arcades into a single, streamlined landing page. This allows you to tell a more cohesive story about your product.
  • With Insights 2.0, you can compare performance across Arcades, uncover trends, and learn which products or messages resonate the most. Our account-based insights provide real-time signals about prospect engagement with your product.

🖥️ Download Desktop for macOS

May 3, 2024

Upload PDFs to Arcade ⬆️

Want to include a powerpoint or Google Slides to an Arcade?

Now, you can upload PDFs to an Arcade, removing the need to upload images of slides one at a time.

Product Improvements

  • 🧃 Hotspot juice: Added more 'squishiness' to hotspots with no text to mimic highlight and bounce behavior of hotspots/callouts with text
  • 🎙️ Voiceover discovery: Easily add voiceovers directly from the hotspot editor panel
  • 🪟 Windows delete key: Windows users can now use the 'delete' key to remove steps from an Arcade
  • 🙈 Invisible hotspots: The navigation bar will be off by default when the 'invisible hotspot' setting is turned on.

Bug Fixes

Last week the team focused on squashing lots of bugs, including: 

  • Fixed an issue where some users saw a flickering on Arcades in Safari
  • Fixed an issue where hotspots were not matching the set location on gif/video exports
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the voiceover button re-added a deleted voiceover
April 26, 2024

Introducing Translations 🌎

Create an Arcade in one language, but have your viewers experience it in 10+ languages.

The new translation experience enables you to scale demos globally without the need for multiple Arcade versions, time wasted, or the fear of misspelled words.

Time-saving features: 

  • ⚙️ AI translate: Click the 'AI translate' button to translate text in the selected language automatically
  • 💻 Auto-browser update: If a viewer's browser has a non-English language set as the default, the Arcade will automatically update to the correct language.

*Translations are available on Growth and Enterprise plans.

Product Improvements

  • Video exports now include camera recordings! 

Bug Fixes

Last week the team focused on squashing lots of bugs, including: 

  • Fixed an issue where hotspots with arrows were sometimes clipped in the viewer
  • Fixed an issue where some Arcade chapter has a back flashing
  • Fixed an issue where hotspots and callouts with lots of text were bleeding over on mobile
  • Fixed an issue where captions were not generating for older Arcades with synthetic voiceovers
  • Fixed an issue where titles weren't updating correctly in Collections
  • Fixed a performance issue with loading speed on iOS safari
April 24, 2024

Announcing our partnership with Product Hunt

You can now include Arcades in Product Hunt launches to showcase what you've built and better tell the story of your product.

It's as simple as:

1. Publish an Arcade

2. Paste the URL to your Product Hunt launch page

3. Go live 🚀

Launching on Product Hunt is a pivotal moment for many companies, whether you're a stealth company unveiling your idea to the world or an established enterprise betting on a new category or product line.

Your product is your competitive advantage 💪, and interactive demos are a way to show, not tell, how you solve your customer's problems.

Check out the announcement to learn more.

April 19, 2024

Product Improvements

  • Keyboard shortcuts: Select multiple steps with {Shift + ⬇️ }
  • Save last voice for synthetic voice: Next time you use a synthetic voiceover, we will remember!
  • Camera recording improvements: [Blank] and [Silence] captions are now filtered out in captions and captions are adjusted to not cover video bubbles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where an Arcade had a white/grey shadow box on the landing page
  • Fixed an issue where collections with >50 Arcades were not loading correctly
  • Fixed an issuewhere the camera preview playback was not syncing with the video playback
April 12, 2024

New feature‍

📹 Camera Recording: Add your own video recording or voiceover to any step in an Arcade (post-capture) and get auto-generated captions that keep pace with your voice's speed.

Product Improvements

  • In the right steptools bar, you can now click 'Add Chapter' button when on on a chapter step
  • Form submissions at the end of an Arcade are now counted as 'CTA clicked'

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for a customer where the first load of a preview was flickering
  • Fixed an issue for a customer where the Chrome Extension stays open for awhile
  • Fixed an issue here font scaling in hotspots sometimes doesn't get applied
April 11, 2024

Introducing Camera Recording

We are excited to announce our latest camera recording feature, which allows you to take your audience on a personal product journey—whether that's greeting viewers at the start, explaining complex sections mid-flow, or wrapping up with a personal touch.

With this feature, you can add your own video recording 📹 or voiceover 🎙 to any step in an Arcade (post-capture) and get auto-generated captions that keep pace with your voice's speed.

Recordings are added to the step level in 'edit' mode, making it easy to go back and update and change.

Read our announcement blog post to learn more about camera and how to incorporate it in your demos.

April 5, 2024

New features

📂 Personal folders: Organization is not just for your team. Now you can create folders just for you in 'My workspace.'

📜 Collections sidebar: Easily navigate through a collection with an interactive menu.

✍️  Per-Arcade branding: Customize the share button, watermark, and logo for each Arcade.

🔍 Navigation bar: Choose the navigation experience on an Arcade or theme level.

🖼  Design tab: Upload images and add stickers to any image for post-capture editing

Product Improvements: 

  • Performance: Made improvements to Arcade performance on demos with more than 100 steps.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue for a customer where reordering the steps caused titles to not render
  • Fixed an issue for a customer where selecting "update all colors" on hotspots/callouts did not work consistently
  • Fixed an issue where the upload image for thumbnail was not working on Safari
March 29, 2024

Product Improvements: 

📂 Folder re-ordering: Easily organize folder structures by drag-and-dropping

🌎 More languages: Norwegian voices are now available with synthetic voiceover

⬆️ Upload location: Images and videos that are uploaded to an Arcade will now be added after the current step highlighted, not at the end of the Arcade.

🔍 Hotspot and callout scaling: Made improvements to how hotspots and callouts scale based on Arcade size and available space. This update is designed to improve the viewer experience if the Arcade is being shown on a relatively small screen or a very wide screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where cover and fit background colors were not rendering correctly for some users
  • Improved upload performance time for longer videos
March 22, 2024

What's New:

📂 Internal and external titles

Concise on the front, standardized on the back. Choose the name you want your audience to see for an Arcade without needing to remove any existing nomenclature your team may use to keep Arcades organized.

Said differently... your customers don't need to see "Product Demo V6 [FINAL FINAL]" anymore 😊

📹 Callouts and hotspots on video

Yes, it's here! Sharing context is not just for static steps. Now, you can include hotspots and callouts for any motion steps to give additional context or guide your viewer to a specific part of your product.

Product Improvements: 

  • Import all steps from another Arcade: When starting a new Arcade, creators can now import all steps from a different Arcade, removing the need to copy/paste
  • More languages: Swedish voices are now available with synthetic voiceover

Bug Fixes:

Last week was focused on squashing lots of bugs!

  • Fixed an issue where the Salesforce integration wasn't syncing leads without emails
  • Fixed an issue where hotspots weren't staying in the right location for some customers
  • Fixed an issue where cover/fit settings weren't applied to new steps when video splitting was used
  • Fixed an issue where pan and zoom controls were cut off for some customers in edit mode
  • Fixed an issue where callouts with a point shows up with a lag
March 15, 2024


Multiple Arcades. One landing page.

Collections is our latest feature designed to transform how you share your demos. By combining multiple Arcades into a single, streamlined landing page, you can tell a more cohesive story about your product — whether that's for a changelog or a sales leave-behind.

Invisible hotspots/callouts: 

Progress through an Arcade without having to click on a (visible) hotspot or callouts.

March 8, 2024

What's New:

📂 Holistic view of form submissions

Previously, form submissions were shown on the Insights page for each demo. Now, you can get a holistic view of submissions in the 'Leads' tab, saving yourself lots of steps and having to remember which Arcades included forms.

👀 +🖱Enhanced viewer controls

The end-viewer experience is even more intuitive with speed controls, elapsed time indicators, combined controls, and navigation.

Product Improvements: 

  • Mailto: in Chapters: Get ready for your inbox to fill up, as you can now trigger emails directly from buttons in chapters.
  • Remove all auto pan & zoom: If you delete auto pan and zoom from one step, you will be asked if you want to remove all pan and zoom. Fewer clicks are always our goal!
  • Export CSV formatting: Exported insights data will now be precise values versus rounded numbers.
  • Publish single videos and screenshots: Any video or screenshot taken from the extension can be shared immediately instead of being added to an Arcade.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where pan and zoom weren't scaling correctly on some exported Arcades
  • Fixed an issue where blur was not showing the entire image for editing
March 5, 2024

Check out our March Changelog blog post to see all of last month's updates wrapped into one!

March 1, 2024
📊 More granular insights: 

Over the past few months, we have invested in providing more detailed and actionable insights for your demos. Some of the features we introduced include audience reveal and integrations. In February, we rolled out more updates to Insights to allow you to get more granular data.

  • Download CSV: Export your Insight data for further analysis with external tools
  • Custom dates: Select specific date ranges for tracking a demo's performance — whether a 5-day or 55-day range.
  • Insights filters: Select one (or many!) 'tags' or 'folders' to get a cohesive view across groups of Arcades.
👈 Callouts with pointers

Callouts allow you to share more context while keeping your viewer engaged.

Now, you can make it more apparent where a callout is pointing with directional arrows.

February 23, 2024

What's new this week: 

🪝 Add webhooks to form submissions

Never miss another form submission. Configure webhooks to sync form submission data back to your tools in real-time.
Learn more

*Available on our Enterprise plan.

🔗 Custom variables in button URLs

Custom variables enable you to personalize your Arcades at scale and understand the performance of selected audiences -- all from one demo.

Now, you can close the loop on the customer journey by adding custom variables in URLs on call-to-action buttons.

Example CTA & use cases: 

  • "Book a meeting": Sync first name and company name data from a targeted outreach campaign back to a meeting tool
  • "Share feedback": Pull first name, email, and product plan information to a product feedback or survey tool
  • "Learn more": Monitor which customers went from an email newsletter -> Arcade -> landing page
February 16, 2024

What's new this week: 

🗂 Insights Filters

Tracking performance has never been easier. Filter by 'tags' or 'folders' to get a cohesive view across Arcades.

🔊 Background music adjustments

Since launching background music last year, we've seen (and heard!) so many Arcades that have an extra bit of polish. Now, you can set the volume level for even more customization.

🎨 Custom backgrounds

Choose a background to make your Arcade pop -- whether that's a branded image or a set color.

Product improvements: 

  • Made adjustments to how captions render on mobile devices. Now, they show for a few seconds before receding.
  • Improved export preset options
  • Camera permissions will only be requested once instead of every new web page


  • Fixed an issue where blurring didn't work across an entire image
  • Fixed an issue where the magnifying glass did not translate to a cursor on a customers Arcade
  • Fixed an issue where double clicking on the start/end markers in the playhead adjusted the start/end time
February 9, 2024

What's new this week: 

⚙️ Integrations

Nine(!) new integrations to collect, understand, and act on your Arcade event data including Google Analytics, Amplitude, Segment, PostHog, and more.

[Learn more]

🎭  Masks

Separate or isolate parts of step images for a more focused viewer experience.

▶️ Autoplay

Choose the pace of your demo with customizable interaction controls.

✂️  Video editing UX improvements

Detailed timestamps for trimming and skimming.

Product improvements: 

  • Made improvements to Insights play duration tracking to prevent overcounting for inactivity
  • 'Weekly Digest' Insights emails now include results from branching behavior
  • Arcades with custom links and variables will keep these details when duplicated
  • Customers can now use the 'move to' button to 'My Arcades'
February 2, 2024

What's new this week: 

  • Universal controls: A reimagined viewer experience to make controlling and engaging with a multi-media Arcade even easier.

Product improvements: 

  • Made improvements to the buffering experience and now use timeranges to have a smoother loading experience
  • Fixed an issue where callouts were being cut-off on some exports when they were located on the edges of a screen
January 26, 2024

What's new this week: 

  • Better filtering: Easily choose between last edited, viewed, and A to Z.
  • Smoother blur: From subtle to totally blocked, choose the blur that works for you.
  • Variables in text fields: Easier ways to add variables in text
  • Cover & fit: Editing tools for when images and videos are of different sizes from the rest of your Arcade.
  • Themes on 'My Arcades': For teams that have set up themes, they will automatically relay over to personal Arcades created in "My Arcades"
  • Copy URL button: Sharing has never been easier. A link 🔗 button will be present on Arcades in the top right corner.

Product improvements: 

  • Hotspot and callout animations have slowed down on exports.
  • Background music has smarter timing when fading out
  • Fixed an issue where callout animations were inconsistent on steps that had two consecutive callouts.
January 24, 2024

Faster video and GIF exports:

Last November, we announced that we had rebuilt our video generation and rendering framework to ensure that video and GIF exports were on par with interactive Arcades.

Since then, our engineering team has been working to make this process even faster.

And when we say faster, we mean at least 21x faster! 🏎

January 19, 2024

What's New:

Last week we shipped forms (see below 👀 👇 ) and we were just getting started!

Now, you can add multiple-choice fields to any form and never miss a lead with the form submission email.

Product Improvements: 

  • Stay in the same tab: When adding a URL in a CTA, you can now choose whether it opens a new window or stays in the existing tab
  • Moving team Arcades after a trial: If you move from Growth to Pro or Free, we will move all of your "team" Arcades back to "My Arcades"
  • Leads emails: Creators will automatically be opted in to the "leads email" for each Arcade that they publish
  • Leads per day: Expanded the number of companies can see each day from 20 to 100.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some customers were not able to export when they had Arcades with two videos in a row
  • Fixed an issue to ensure that Insights does not duplicate sessions for matched user_ids